Analyze & visualize data from 20+ platforms, including Google Analytics, Google Ads & Facebook Ads.
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2023-11-08 16:17:30
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Prompt Starters
  • How many users did we get on Google Analytics 4 this year?
  • Give me the pages with the highest average session duration on Google Analytics 4
  • Show me a graph of users week by week for the Quarter using data from Google Analytics 4
  • Analyze page view growth and bounce rate month by month on my site for the last 3 months using Google Analytics 4
  • How many clicks did we get on Facebook Ads this year?
  • What was the performance of our Facebook Ads in terms of Clicks, Impressions, Reach, CTR, CPC and amount spent this year?
  • Give me a month by month breakdown of purchases this year on Facebook Ads.
  • Which campaign performed the best this year in terms of Clicks on Facebook Ads?
  • Tell me the number of Clicks generated this year across our Google Ads campaigns.
  • Analyze the metrics for our Google Ads campaigns over this Year including Clicks, Impressions, Interaction Rate, Cost Per Click, and Total Cost.
  • Provide a monthly summary of Conversions gained through Google Ads for each month of this Year.
  • Which Google Ads campaign had the highest amount of Clicks this year?
Tools WebPilot Use
  • plugins_prototype
  • dalle
  • python
  • browser
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