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Nirvan Panjwani
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2023-11-09 19:08:24
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Hello! Ready to excel in Excel?
Prompt Starters
  • How do I use VLOOKUP?
  • Explain pivot tables.
  • Best way to visualize data?
  • Fix my formula error.
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  • browser
  • dalle
  • python
Additional files
  • DALL·E 2023-11-09 14.03.20 - Create an image of a profile picture for an AI expert specialized in Excel. The image should depict a gender-neutral human-like figure with a stylized.png2.2mb
  • Excel All-IN-ONE -- Paul McFedries, Greg Harvey -- For Dummies, 2022 -- John Wiley & Sons -- 9781119830757 -- b4be57d2a721d888c6fd30b22008fc18 -- Anna’s Archive.pdf16.5mb